Sunday, July 11, 2010 the show--Junk Mail Contributors

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  1. From the top:
    Junk Mail!
    Lauren Davies: Proud to be Awesome!

    Kyle Knobel (#10), Randy Colosky (ruffle), Nicolas Torres (turbo soul 3000)

    Erica Gangsei (newborn pony)

    DUST MITE!!! by Scott Tsugitani

    John Alderman, essayist

    Jody Humes (junk mail art collector), Wizard Master (videos), Sam Ward (cheerios)

    Walker and Kelsey Nicholson -- Sctt

    Kyle (security envelope book), Ingrid (poetry)

    Lauren Smith (cake, grapes) Derek (bendystraws)

    Honey McMoney (tracing of junk mail)

    Barbara and Thomas Pringle (Doritos portrait)

    Malik Johnson (duraflame, wallet) John Riegert (processed meats, video)