Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Sam Ward- "Cheerio Cheerios". cardboard, junk mail, glue stick

Jeff Canham - "Act Now". enamel on wood
10" x 1/4"

Sarah A. Smith - "ADT". wood, spray paint and acrylic paint
approx. 14" x 12" x .25"

Michael McConnell - "4 Hass". felt and cotton
approx. 9" x 7" x 2.5"

Denise Laws - wall paper and wood

Christine Wong Yap - "Irrational Exuberance". photo collage
8.5" x  11"

Randy Colosky - collage

Meri Brin - "Cake Now!". junk mail collage

Lauren Davies - mixed media

Gordon Chin - 'untitled'. ink on water color paper

Andy Vogt - "Lazy Boy Action Recliner". cardboard, batting, plastic 'Thank You' bags.
12"w x 16"t x 13"d

Randy Colosky - "Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles" . styrofoam, paint, dry pigment
approx 15" x 12" x 2"

Randy Colosky - "The Future of Food". gouache on junkmail
16" x 20"

Randy Colosky - "The Future of Food" (detail)

Sarah A. Smith - "Bedroom Closet". cardboard and glue, 6" x 8"

Miriam Lakes - toilet paper roll, foam, felt, acrylic paint
approx. 4" x 4" x 2"

Meri Brin - promotional credit cards, fabric, paper

Bert Bergen - paper mache', paint
approx. 9" diameter

Jeff Canham - "Don't Delay" enamel on wood
10" x 1/4"

Sarah A. Smith - paper, ink, charcoal, enamel, watercolor
approx. 5.5" x 8.5"

Malik Johnson - junkmail, paper, enamel, ink
@ real size

Scott Tsuchitani - "Fresh Air".  papier mache', foamcore, printouts, dust from under my bed.  approx. 10" x 4" x 16"

Scott Tuschitani, "Fresh Air" (detail)

Kyle Knobel - photo copied security envelopes (book)

Jennie Hinchcliff - security envelopes, gocco printing
approx. 30" x 40"

Ilana Crispi - crocheted extension cord
approx. 6" x 13" x 3"

Daniel Nevers - felt

Lauren Smith - acrylic yarn

Honey McMoney - "You Show Up Here Every Week And You Never Talk About Love Only Want And Need And Desire". graphite on tracing paper.
approx 19" x 12"

Junk Mail

Bessie Kunath - collage

Charlene Tan - "Valpak Savings" photo copy enlargement
approx. 20" x 48"

Kristina Lewis - collage

Jeff Canham - "Limited Time Only" enamel on wood
10" x 1/4"

Randy Colosky - ink on junkmail

Terrance Graven - paper

Wizard Master - digital video

Andy Vogt - ethafoam, duct tape, paint pen

Tara Foley - plaster casts

Lauren Davies - paper mache', acrylic paint

Erica Gangsei - "Newborn Pony". papier mache', paint, glitter, taffeta, glue.
approx. 11" x 22"

Michael McConnell - fabric, batting

Terrance Graven - "$1.99 Lb.". junkmail papier mache'
approx. 42" x 42" x 18"

Kristina Lewis - cardboard, junk mail

Kristina Lewis - junk mail collage

Thomas Pringle - "Doritos Bag". acrylic paint back-painted on plexiglass
9" x 12"

John Riegert - "Processed meats: Ham, Bologna, Salami". plaster, masonite, Rustoleum American Accents paints: Sweet Pea and Sunburst Yellow.
real sized

Lauren Davies - "Proud to be Awesome". acrylic paint on cotton shirt
approx. 12" x 12"

Kelsey Nicholson - "Sctt". toilet paper rolls (minus the cardboard core), Press n' Seal wrap. ink jet print collage.
real size.

Lauren Davies - "CB2's Secret Message Board". wood, paint
approx. 12" x 15"

Lauren Davies - paper mache, acrylic paint
approx. 5" x 10" x 3.5"

Terrance Graven - paper, acrylic paint
approx. 3" diameter x 1"tall

Derek Fagerstrom - "Bendy Straws". cardboard tubes, dryer hose, paint
approx. 20" x 48"

Lauren Davies - acrylic paint on cotton shirt
approx. 12" x 13"

Sarah A. Smith - plastic, paper, enamel, acrylic paint
approx. 2.5" x 4.5"

Malik Johnson - aluminum can, steel wire, paper, ink
real size

Kristina Lewis - collage
approx. 6" x 42"

Sarah A. Smith - cardboard bucket, foil, paint
approx. 10" x 10"

Lauren Smith - cardboard, felt
approx. 10" x 4.75"

Lauren Davies - "Zen Stones". wood, paper mache', acrylic paint